Accident Towing

We really hope that you never get involved in an accident ever. But in case this happens, you need to know what to expect, when it comes to towing your vehicle. It is a good idea to have the phone number of your preferred towing company in your car at all times. This way you won’t have to settle for whichever company the police suggests or risk having your car towed by them.

The first thing that you need to understand, when it comes to towing your vehicle after an accident, is that you do not have to do it. That’s right. Unless your car is in the middle of the street and is posing a danger for other cars or pedestrians, you are not required to move it, until you figure out which towing company you want to use and where you want your car to be taken.

Depending on the condition of your car, it usually is a good idea to ask the towing company to tow it to your home. This way you do not have to pay the company for your car’s storage, until it gets repaired. This way you have the time to read carefully your insurance policies, find out whose fault the accident actually and who is the best to repair your car. In case your can needs to be stored in the towing service facilities though, do ask your insurance company if they cover the storage fees. They usually do.

Another question to ask your auto insurance provider has to do with the place of the accidents. If the accident happens far away from your hometown, for example, and the towing is costly, you will most likely have to pay most of the cost out of your pocket. It is good to know beforehand and have an emergency fund for such cases.