So your dream has come true and you have managed to buy a Jaguar, a Ferrari, a Porsche or even a Lamborghini. But now the time has come for you to move and of course your favourite car is coming with you! If you are dreading the transportation process, you are not being paranoid. Many prestige vehicles have ended up with scratches or even more serious damage, as they are significantly lower than the average car. So what can you do to relocate your prestige vehicle safely?

The first step is to look for car towing services. Sydney has many companies that claim to do the job, but how can you determine which one is the best? Well, you will need to do a bit of research for this one, but it is worth protecting your investment.

Ask the professionals

Car dealers have to deal with towing companies all the time, whether it is to get their new cars or to deliver cars to clients. They would never risk delivering a scratched car, of course, especially when it is a luxury vehicle. So go ahead and call a few car dealers to give you suggestions of car towing services.

Ask friends

If some of your friends or colleagues have used a car towing service to transport a prestige vehicle before, ask them if they were happy with the provided services. If not, then at least you know which companies to avoid!

Ask for a quote

Once you ask a few companies for quotes, you can rule out the overpriced ones. Then, you can drive to the car towing service and make sure that they will transport your vehicle for the price they provided in the quote. If they give you a higher price once you are there, look for another towing service. Of course, you should always know the names of the people that will take care of your vehicle and ask for a written guarantee.

In the Sydney area, Eastern Suburbs Towing Sydney is a reputable company with many years of experience, when it comes to the transportation of luxury vehicles. They offer cheap towing services in Sydney. You can start by checking out their website here and ask for a free quote or make an online booking.